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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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was hand-painted. >> maybe you could talk about some of the symbolism, maybe starting in the middle and working out. >> [inaudible] the flower of industry. >> it is like a compass. there's an arrow pointing north. >> within the great bear consolation, there are two pointed stars here. they typically lead one to the northstar, otherwise known as polaris. so i thought it has a layer of theme. >> let's talk about some of the other elements in the peace. we are walking along, and there is a weather vane. there's a sweet little bird hanging on the side. what kind of bird is that? >> [inaudible] the smallest of the gulf species, and it lives around the bay area. >> you want to talk about the types of flour patterns that you send?
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>> [inaudible] around 1926 or so by the dahlia society. >> what is this bird here? >> that is the california quail. >> coming up here, we had a little blustery theme. what is this area here? >> this is supposed to be the side view, the expense of the golden gate bridge. >> there it is. >> there are really beautiful elements of architecture still around, i would say that it gives that feeling over to the work. >> what are your hopes for it? >> that in a way it just becomes part of the area. i think it is starting to have that feeling. people utilize it.
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they sit and, and have their lunch and play on -- they sit and, and have their lunch and play on that -- they sit and come and have their lunch and play on it. just for it to be part of the neighborhood. that is my hope. >> is such a beautiful addition to our public art in san francisco. thank you for joining us. it was nice to meet you. and thank you for telling us about your beautiful mural. thanks for watching "culturewire." >> ladies and gentlemen, a very
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good morning to you. welcome to this very special occasion as we introduce you to the competitors in the america's cup. this is our world cup soccer match on the water. it is the most exciting thing to come to the bay area in many, many, many years. i am honored to be your master of ceremonies today. thank you. this is a great day for san francisco. it is a great day for the america's cup. in fact, it is a really great day for san francisco and the america's cup. i would like to introduce to you our speakers this morning. we have the chairman of the america's cup event authority. we have the ceo and regatta director of the america's cup race management. and we have our mayor, and when
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-- edwin m. lee. please, a round of applause for our special guest today. [applause] we also have representatives from the various teams, the competitors for the 34th america's cup. today, we will introduce you to each one of the teams. we will take a sneak peek into the preparations over the next few months. competitors will be preparing for the first america's cup world series in portugal, and this week, enabled us to get our first glimpses into the future. i'm sure you all saw the video yesterday, did you not? the brief video? really, the america's cup boats are going to light up our waterfront with raw power and speed and show us things that we have never seen in these waters in our day before. so if you did not get to see some of the action yesterday on
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the water, here is a little taste of what the bay area has to come, some video of what happened on the water yesterday.
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>> wow. not a scene from a bond movie, but the real deal there. just a couple of votes in the water yesterday. if you can imagine what it will be like with 10 of these boats igniting our they like never before. it will be pretty wild. without further ado, we would like to introduce you to the chairman of america's cup event authority. richard. [applause] >> thank you, liam. in just eight short weeks, we will all be in portugal launching the very first event in the inaugural america's cup world series. i must say, i think for all of us involved, it is very exciting for us to be moving from the planning and preparation stage to the delivery and competition
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stage. soon they talking can stop any action can begin. we already know from what we have just seen what kind of action that can be. to you all, welcome, everybody. we would like to thank you for joining us as we welcome the team's officially to san francisco, the gorgeous host city of the 34th america's cup. it is great to be standing here today with an outstanding field of competitors from eight countries around the globe here at the sight of what will be the most accessible, the most extreme of america's cup there has ever been. and in every sense of the word, the america's cup is reinventing itself from our fast and dangerous new boats to our break through sporting technology on television. maybe just one little anecdote here -- if you can imagine watching an american football match without any lines on the pitch, you would be confused
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because he would not know what is going on. the kinds of changes that we are going to make to sailing is the equivalent of putting lines on the pitch, on the field of sailing. it will have a very dramatic understanding change for people in general. watch for the television pictures that will come your way. the pictures do not lie, and this is a sporting competition that will have mass appeal to audiences around the globe, and we saw that firsthand with the global reaction to monday's sailing and the unfortunate but -- gladly nobody was injured in that capsiz. firstly, we are introducing a new expression of our brand today, the new america's cup brand, which is on the screen right now, and our new visual
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identity represents america's cup 2.0. it is sleek, modern, sophisticated, and everything that our competition now stands for. visually, this involution sees the logo representing the next elements of the racing boats, in the shape, and as well as the host city of san francisco. you can see a subtle reference, maybe not so subtle reference to the towers of the golden gate bridge. and finally, the cup itself has been streamlined, while also retaining the most beautiful shape of the oldest trophy in the world. we are also revealing the louis vuitton cup mark as well.
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for this logo, they began with the halls and ships of the -- hulls and sails of the new boats. and by playing with that, they transformed the vote into a graphic and modern flag which has become the louis vuitton mark. the brick red signifies the interior color of the leather goods. i would like to recognize former america's propecup skipper louio is representing louis vuitton.
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we appreciate you being here. [applause] we know that you spent a lot of time on an airplane to be here today. i also want to talk about the america's cup world series, the professional circuit that will bring all of the teams and america's cups to port cities around the globe. the america's cup world series will be a tremendous need of an promotional vehicle to the america's cup final, here in san francisco. the world series will kick off in portugal in just eight weeks, then it moves to plymouth in the u.k. in september. i can also announced today we have the dates confirmed for the san diego regatta, the third stop in the world series. that will take place from the 12th to the 20th of november. you will be happy to hear it will be over before thanksgiving. we are looking forward to an
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exciting c eight -- season of sailing the ac 45's and then for two more seasons in the america's cup events. there is also a bidding process under way. we know five of the six cities that they will be stumping on. we will be determining how all of the 11 locations. the first few are expected to be announced soon for those remaining 11 cities. finally, i would like to pay a real tribute to the incredible amounts of work that is being done to make the america's cup events over the next two years an enormous success. not only the work of our own organizations, event authority, race management teams, but the america's cup organizing committee, the city, mayor's
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office, port authority, of course, the competing teams, the golden gate yacht club, all of our commercial partners, then use in portugal, san diego. it is an important, independent community. we know we are embarking on something at a special. those of you who share our passion and energy for the excitement to come, we will be happy to share that dirty with you. thank you very much. [applause] >> richard, thank you very much. we are very much looking forward to the competition coming here this summer. without further ado, i would now like to introduce you to the ceo and regatta director for the 34th america's cup, ian murray. [applause]
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>> good morning. yesterday, in the past, i spent time along the san francisco bay, venturing along the shores. yesterday, i had the first opportunity to view san francisco from the air from a nice helicopter to watched a ac 45 sailing. i have got to say, as a pupil as san francisco is from the shore, embarcadero, marina green, when you go up in a helicopter, there is not a bad picture of san francisco. pitt is a truly amazing thing to be up there and see above the bridge, above the hills, seeing these boats sailing.
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to have the america's cup happen here in this harbor is great. before i talk about planning for the america's cup world series, i want to thank a few of our partners. richard helped me out, certainly, recognized our city family, partners at city hall, the mayor's office, the organizing committee, and finally, i would like to say, throw out all of our partners, we are making great progress. the planning environment in san francisco is like something i have never been involved in before. i know mountains have been moved to make this process as streamlined as it possibly can, and to satisfy the very stringent controls set forward,
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put forward, i think, is an important part of california leading the way. there are a number of people here today that were all involved in this process. everyone is pulling on the same side of the rope in this tug of war, and the processes long, injuring, and incredibly thorough. it is going along smoothly. with us today is jennifer, ed riskin, monique meyer, from the port, commissioners, and nazareth, the effects crowley, and leslie katz. i would also like to recognize the america's cup organizing committee, many of whom are here today. i see carried down there. i know she has been working all night. she made the back for you to take home. she assured me that she cooked
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the cupcakes herself this morning. finally, i would like to recognize and thank mayor ed in the. it is great when the mayor of a city welcomes you with open arms. his office is always open for us to go and citsee. i am happy to see that the america's cup is firmly in their grasp and will not leave. our planning for the america's cup world series. this journey started when i came to san francisco last september. the selection of the city's process. currently, while all of that was going, we knew we had to get ready for an america's cup world series. last september only, the design of the ac 45 was being designed.
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the factory in new zealand to assemble these boats was still being built. on behalf of the team that have put all of these ac 45's down in new zealand, testing, there has been a tremendous effort to design, build, manufacture, trial, transport, and get all of this in under 12 months to portugal. it is nine months to this day. truly remarkable. what is even more remarkable about it is, when you try to do something new, you often make mistakes, but these boats, these teams, what we have seen from
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the speed of sailing, to the spectacular capsize, theseboats are designed for what they -- are functioning as they were designed to be. for many traditional america's cup people, there was doubt whether these boats would put a little ahead of them. they are providing exactly what we needed. so often go to portugal. there are 50 boats on route to portugal. 136 containers. there are tents, people, juries, 100 television people. the america's cup world series is a big event. for us to assemble all of this and liz bonn, -- lisbon, starting the world series, major
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planning and logistical. we will pick up all of that equipment in portugal and transport it and reset it in plymouth some 30 days later. in the world series, today, we have the team that will be participating. the boats are and progress of being assembled, tested. more than just the five people on the boat. each boat will carry up to 25 people as part of their team to participate. of course, this is all about the america's cup coming here in 2013. the america's cup world series provides not only the background for the teams to practice, learn how to sail catamarans, wind sails, what with their sponsors
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to win the event, but it also allows us to educate us about the role that we raise in, educate the people out there fascinated by these boats, and allows us to bring it to the people, prior to coming to san francisco. we hope to bring an enormous event here to san francisco. the early signs for the ac 45's, which are really the training wheels for the ac 72's that will be performing here. imagine a boat that is substantially larger going much faster. it is what you have already seen on steroids. by the way, we are drug tested and every event. maybe the boats will need to be.
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[laughter] so we have 10 boats, eight nations on the start line in portugal. we are looking forward to it. there are a lot of people working hard on it now in portugal, a lot of people working in london, here, and around the world. for all of the supporting us through this venture, thank you very much. i think it is now to meet the stars of the show and the teams. thank you very much a [applause] >> looking for to see what you have planned for this international affair. we promised you an opportunity to meet the teams competing for the 34th america's cup. starting on my right, the chinese team. next, from france from the left.
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the emirate's new zealand team. from italy. on my left hand side, from france, the energy team. we have team correa, from the republic of korea. are the best racing from sweden. from the united states, or call racing. -- oracle racing. let's hear it for our teams. so we begin and meet our representatives from team china. i want to ask you first of all, mr. wang, in your second run to the america's cup, what are the important aspects for your team, this time around? >> the china team is a true chinese team with chinese sailors, built and designed in
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china. >> next door to them, a team of france. a long history with the america's cup. when is it about the america's cup that keeps the french coming back and winning and succeeding? what keeps you coming back every year? >> america's cup is very important in france. it is have a great opportunity every four years to race against the best in the world. it is part of our history in france. wonderful to be here. >> next to you, representing new zealand of the emirate's team, welcome to san francisco. you are one of the more experienced teams. how do you see the field shaping up in the 34th america's cup? >> we have a fantastic group. the quality of the teams will
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reflect the quality of the events in the end. we have a nice mixture of teams here, a good number of competitors. it will be fantastic. >> next, representing at italy, darrio valencia. italy has been involved since 1993. what keeps you coming back and what are you excited about this next america's cup? >> there is a field in italy because of the tradition and glamour it represents. there has been a history of successful italian teams in the competition. this time, we are adding several extra dimensions with the format be more exciting and the accessibility of the racing to people who may not have necessarily followed it before. our aim is to maximize this within italy to promote the new format, using social media, new
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marketing, everything possible, to showcase italian made around the world. >> and you have a secret weapon, a 25-year-old skipper who is pretty hot for what he does on the boat. ladies, calm down. we look forward to your position. good but. -- good luck. over here we have rubin from the french energy team. what is getting you geared up for this year's at america's cup? >> the last time i was here 12 years ago at the america's cup, we crossed the golden gate and it was a completely different game. this time is completely different.
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we have been sailing and racing for the past and 30 years. this was an opportunity to put this experience on this endeavor. i am sure that with our team we will have a good team. it will be a tough job. >> thank you. part of the america's cup for the first time, the republic of korea. representing team korea, kim dong-yun. >> we are so proud to be representing the republic of korea here in the america's cup. thank you. >> thank you and good luck in your first participation.
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next, we have sweden's artemus racing. you have had some testing times. what is your overall impression of how this will function in the america's cup? >> having spent the majority of my life going at 9 knots, the 45's are a different beast. they are demanding on sailors and short cruise, and everybody involved gets a full whipping from the start to the end of the day. i take my hat off to the organizers were giving us this opportunity. i think we will see something quite spectacular through just the awesome power that these boats create. /( is, depending on how you look at it, these are the small versions. when they get into the 72's, that will be magnified by 100%.
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-รง you, a team that had an inventor on the water. oracle racing. i am glad you survived. that was you, right? >> yes. [laughter] >> no one injured? >> a few bruises, but no one injured. >> what happened in that moment? >> well, we capsized. >> new to the sport, but thank you for that technical answer. what is the difference -- these are terms that you use in your sport. what is the difference of on the edge and over the edge? >> i think i have become more qualified to speak on this subject in the past few days. really, that is one of t